Otawn: Métis Fall Culture Camp

The Métis Nation of Ontario is holding an Otawn: Métis Fall Culture Camp on October 25th – October 28th, 2018 at Horwood Lake Lodge, near Timmins.

The fall camp will be approximately 4 days in duration, will be land-based, will be in sync with the fall season and will engage Métis youth in learning Métis culture and way of life. The age group targeted is the same as the previous Cultural Camps (youth in Grades 10, 11, 12).

The fall cultural camp will include aspects of Métis history, way of life and culture and will include engaging outdoor activities.  This is particularly important as many Métis youth seek to connect with their Métis culture and heritage. The fall cultural camp will engage youth through interactions with Métis knowledge holders, MNO staff and facilitators in events/activities that will span the duration of the camp.

Space is limited, so please complete and submit the application form found HERE as soon as possible. The deadline for applications is September 21st, 2018. Forms can be submitted to MelodyC@metisnation.org. For assistance or to obtain an application form call (705) 254-1768 x. 316 or (705) 941-0370.

Metis Fall CampDownload the poster

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