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Sunset Country Métis Council

L-R: Roz Calder (Chair), Corey Chowhan (Treasurer), Judy Klyne (Councillor),
Karen Chowhan (Councillor), Sarah Marusyk (Secretary/Women’s Representative),
John George (Senaor), Kimmy Daley (Youth Representative),
Wade Nelson (Councillor), Brady Hupet (President) 

Your local Sunset Country Métis Community Council meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Sunset Country Métis Hall at 6:00 pm (unless otherwise specified).
Please feel free to join us!

Métis Nation of Ontario Community Charter Agreement
Sunset Country Métis Council Community Electoral Code
Métis Nation of Ontario Community Code

2 thoughts on “Council

  1. I’m currently awaiting my Yoga certificate for teaching and was curious about renting the hall to do my classes let me know the info and prices if you don’t mind,
    Thank you so much


    • Hi, Ashley. Thank you for your question and congratulations on your Yoga Certification! For hall rental inquiries, please contact our Hall Coordinator, Shirley Whitefield, at (807) 274-7420. The Hall is utilized for dance classes so we think it’d be a great space for yoga, too!


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